WHITTON COMPANIES is happy to introduce a new website tailored to our customers and providing information regarding our processes.

This new website continues the trend of Whitton Companies to go above and beyond the competition in providing superior Quality, Customer Relations and On-Time Delivery.

Some of the features of the site include the following: Quality Assurance, Warranty, Billing and Scheduling. Please contact someone at Whitton if you would like to know more about how to access these powerful features.

Office Training Program

WHITTON COMPANIES is happy to announce the institution of a new office staff training program.

This new training program will cover various topics from customer service and communication to leadership and time management.

All employees will be taking this new training utilizing an online video streaming service provided by

Sewer Camera Video Available Online

All sewer inspection video is now available online!

If you have a login and password you can download sewer camera inspections. Currently you can access up to two year old video, but we have no archival plans at this point so call us if you need access to video older than that.

Automatic Synchronization with Builder Schedules

We have developed scheduling links to automatically update our in-house schedule from the builders scheduling websites. This gives us a unique edge on our competitors. No longer does a data entry clerk have to logon to a builders website and then manually update this information to our internal scheduling system. Instead the information automatically flows into our database seemlessly allowing us to do more with less people. We continue to seek out builders and software vendors that allow us to collaborate in developing new technology that increases our quality and effeciency in many areas including scheduling.