What is "The Whitton Way"?

  • "The Whitton Way" is doing it right the first time every time.
  • Using the latest technology in the office and innovation in the field we provide you with the best people and processes on every job.
  • We share our results with you. We know we are never going to be perfect and we are open an honest with our results and provide you frequent reports on how we are doing.

Why Camera Every Sewer?

  • A picture is worth a thousands words dollars. Maybe more!
  • Flood remediation cost can be as much as $5000. Sewer backup remediation cost can be up as much as $1500. We camera every house, we believe this prevents the majority of floods and backups.
  • Our statistics show that 100 out of every 1000 homes have construction debris in the sewer lines that could cause a flood. At up to $5000 per flood that is $500,000.

How does our scheduling process save you money?

  • Quicker communication between your field/office and our field/office. Time is money!
  • Our field schedules are updated automatically by our integration services that link directly to numerous builders.
  • All field supers have immediate access to updated schedules electronically.
  • No miscommunication from phone calls or transcription errors from emails.
  • More efficient and on time delivery of work. The cost per day for builder interest is up to $100.00. Miss your schedule by an average of 1 day for 1000 homes and you just spent $100,000.

How does our Quality Assurance Program help you deliver a better house?

  • We have automated quality inspection services that include: Slab, Framing, Top-Out, Trim and Sewer.
  • All defects are reported immediatly to the office for correction.
  • If we can prevent a phone call reporting a complaint we save you time and money and reputation even if we cover it under our warranty.
  • For every complaint you get we believe there are many others that are not reported to you but are reported to your customers friends, by doing good quality inspections we can change that complaint to a compliment. If we assume that each house has $5000 profit you could be losing a potential of $5,000,000 in profits over 1000 sales if each person told one friend about a bad experience with you and they chose another builder.
  • With our Quality Assurance we certaily won't be your weakest link!

Why use all three trades at Whitton Companies?

  • Whitton Pluming, Whitton Concrete and Whitton Framing are all run with the same streamlined processes and procedures, giving us lower overhead and better delivery times when all three companies work together on a community.
  • We all use the same software and we have an integrated three trade schedule, when a phase for one trade is completed the handoff to the next one is as efficient as possible.
  • Ask us about discounts for using all three.